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Does Coffee Make You Gain Weight?

Does Coffee Make You Gain Weight?

For some people, that beautiful smell and taste are the main reasons to get themselves out of bed each morning. What is it? It’s the invigorating beverage that’s consumed by almost every American on a daily basis and it comes from a simple bean – coffee. But, for our purposes, the question to ask is, does coffee make you gain weight? This question is asked by a lot of people before setting their weight loss goals. The answer to that is similar to “Is the glass half full or half empty?”.

There are two sides of this debate. One will answer the question does coffee make you gain weight for you, and the other will focus whether it makes you lose weight.

Does coffee make you lose weight?

Most of the people who consume coffee, they do it for the caffeine. They simply believe that it is what keeps you going throughout the day which is actually true. Caffeine can also prove to be helpful when it comes to weight loss. Caffeine is a diuretic. Diuresis is a process in which a person loses weight through the removal of fluids from the body. Consuming only 500 milligrams of caffeine a day is enough to cause dehydration. The consumer is likely to lose weight through diuresis. This is effective for the short term but can prove to be dangerous in the long run. As the body is only burning fluids and the fat is still there this can cause severe dehydration and may also lead to a severe potassium deficiency.

Caffeine also possesses thermogenic properties, that is, it can heat up your body. This can increase your heart rate and boost your metabolism which can help you burn more calories. This is the reason many diet pills also use caffeine but consuming too much caffeine can have side effects as well such as insomnia, jitters and heart palpitations.

Does caffeine have any effects on workout?

Caffeine can prove to be helpful when it comes to losing weight through workout as caffeine can increase your heart rate making you able to work out for a longer period allowing you to burn more fat. This can be achieved only if you drink a caffeinated cup of coffee at least 30 minutes before work out. However you have to make sure that what you consume is a simple cup of coffee not a dessert. You have to make sure that the coffee you drink does not have any extra calories in the forms of creams or sweeteners.

Does coffee make you gain weight?

black coffeeCoffee and Carbs:

First of all lets get one thing clear. COFFEE IS NOT CARB FREE. Yes, while most of the labels on coffee jars say carb free they’re not. An average 6 ounce serving of coffee contains 0.8 grams of carbs. But because the FDA allows manufacturers to round off the nutrition facts they are able to write ‘carb free’. The average 16 ounce coffee that you get from Starbucks contains around more than 2 grams of carbs. Consuming coffee for breakfast and then during lunch break, people consume 30 percent of their of their required carbs for the day. Studies suggest that an average person must not consume more than 10 to 12 grams of carbs per day.

Blood sugar (glucose):

Blood sugar or glucose is responsible for your body to either store fat or burn it as energy. Caffeine slightly raises your blood sugar levels and weakens insulin action. When blood sugar level rises, the insulin gets the signal that there is plenty of glucose to store as fat thus it does so. This gets dangerous when insulin starts storing too much fat resulting in insulin resistance which makes it very difficult to lose weight. This insulin resistance is commonly seen in women with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome. When too much sugar is stored in your body, you start feeling tired and crave for more sugar.

Caffeine and sugar cravings:

  • Consuming caffeine increases the stress hormone cortisol which increases your craving for sugar and fat.
  • The sugar and cream put in coffee can shoot you blood sugar level up and then immediately low, which can make you hungry instantly.
  • Too much caffeine can also make your blood sugar levels go rapidly up and down making you feel hungry all the time.

Too much consumption of coffee:

Does coffee make you gain weight?Consuming too much coffee means a large part of your diet to be calories in liquid form which will not fulfill your appetite at all. This means that you’ll eat the same quantity of food which will possess a certain amount of calories to fulfill your appetite but your body will get extra calories from the coffee not only making it difficult to lose weight but also it is likely for you to gain weight. These extra calories can also prove to be against your weight loss plan and can rig the results of your calorie calculator.

On the other hand as I mentioned earlier that coffee does have carbs in it and how you unknowingly consume 30 percent of your daily carbs just by having coffee twice a day. Many working people suffering from obesity think that it is because of their lack of exercise do not realize the alarming amount of coffee they consume throughout the day is also one of the major causes behind their obesity. They unknowingly consume a dangerous quantity of carbs through coffee which leads to catastrophic results.

So, does coffee make you gain weight? I think it is safe to say that in this case the glass is half empty. Coffee may have its positive effects when it comes to weight loss but the fact is that the side effects over weigh them making it a wise decision to avoid coffee when it comes to weight loss.

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