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Things to Consider Before Buying Used Weight Lifting Equipment

Things to Consider Before Buying Used Weight Lifting Equipment

Having a gym at your own home is heaven. Not only do you have ample of privacy and freedom, there are also no more excuses to skip gym.

1. Recheck Your Need

There are various home fitness equipment being sold in the market these days. So you should be very careful and never make the mistake of buying something which you might regret in a few days. The fitness equipment that you’re buying should suit your needs and interests. You don’t need the treadmill, if your goal is weight gain. Just because it’s available out there, doesn’t mean that you will need it. This holds true particularly for the equipment which is new and harder to use. Hence make sure that you know the equipment which you’re going to buy and that you’ve already tried it out at a gym somewhere. You should start with buying smaller equipment which suits your interests.

2. Know What to Buy and what NOT to Buy.

There is a wide array of used weight lifting equipment being sold in the market. This can end up confusing a lot of people. You should buy the equipment which are suited to the type of exercises you like doing or which align with your fitness goal. So in a public gym you might find a lot of different fitness equipment like jump ropes, kettlebells, rowing machines, spin exercise bicycles, elliptical trainers, treadmills, free weights, balance balls and trainers, recumbent cycles, stair climbers/ step machines etc. However, when you’re looking to set up a home gym you might only need some dumb bells for adding to your leg workout. Or you might only need a bench so you can do your chest workouts at home.

3. Who owned the equipment?

One of the most important factor to consider is the previous owner of the used weight lifting equipment. Were the equipment owned by a public gym or a private user. If they were owned by a public gym it’d mean they were used by many people and hence might have more chance of damage. Along with this if equipment such as a bench or the chest fly machine, were owned by a public gym, you might want to consider if they are hygienic and won’t cause you any skin diseases. If it was owned by a private user, how careful were they while using it? How much care did they take of the equipment and how often did they service it? These are all things that must be considered before buying it.

4. Is the equipment safe to use?

One more factor to consider while buying used weight lifting equipment is that is the equipment safe to use. You should make sure that the used equipment are not broken or damaged. Some equipment, if not properly checked for damages, can cause serious injuries. You should also make sure that the equipment is not worn out, that even if they’re not damaged right now, they might end up getting damaged soon after you buy them. Damages should be thoroughly checked.

5. Price

Buying expensive equipment doesn’t necessarily mean that you’ll use them or that they’ll be more effective. Hence you should always ask yourself if the equipment worth buying and whether there might be cheaper deals available elsewhere. Furthermore, always check the quality of an equipment before buying it. Just because you are paying a lot for it, doesn’t mean it’s of the highest quality.

Same goes for the lower price. Many times it happens that along with the price, the quality of the equipment is also low.

6. Look for good deals

You should buy the used fitness equipment with the utmost consideration. You can’t buy the equipment on impulse. Always ask a professional gym instructor for his opinion before buying a used gym equipment. Look for good deals on the internet. Many times you can buy barely used equipment for half the price. There are various sites which offer great deals on all kinds of used gym equipment be it weightlifting equipment, treadmills, dumb bells, benches etc. Some of these sites include Amazon, Craigslist, usedgymequipment.com, and gymstore.com. You can buy various equipment on these sites including bar bells, pull-up bars/ heavy duty doorway trainers, treadmills, squat rack, weights, elliptical trainers, benches and more.

7. Best season to buy used exercise equipment

Exercise equipment normally doesn’t fluctuate in price owing to the tough competition and its steady demand. However, you can still get the most amazing discounts in January. The demand is higher in this season and many people buy equipment for satisfying their New Year’s fitness resolution. Hence for enticing buyers to buy equipment you may find sales at many places. Many used equipment retailers also clear their inventories in June. Moreover, during this season many people shift towards outdoor exercises due to warmer temperatures. Many discounts are also available for indoor exercise equipment. However, always bear in mind that you should not wait for discount as this might delay your fitness goals.

8. Test the equipment

You should never buy a fitness equipment which you haven’t ever tried yourself. Equipment which seems small and easy to use can prove to be quite difficult to use when you bring it home. Hence, always test out the equipment you want to buy. Make sure that it aligns with your fitness goals, so that you don’t regret buying it the next day.

In conclusion, buying used fitness equipment for you home gym is the best way to save cost and invest in a health lifestyle. Exercising from your own home will ensure privacy, safety, efficiency, effectiveness and bring about a powerful return on this investment.

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